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Roboclean is the Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Cats and dogs can make great pets, but they also can leave hair all over carpets and furniture. All this pet hair is unsightly, can get stuck on clothing, and can also cause allergy problems. It might seem that a simple vacuuming would be enough to get out pet hair. However, not all vacuum cleaners are up to the task of cleaning pet hair. Pet hair is tricky, even for a high-powered vacuum cleaner, because the hairs can get woven into carpet fibres and embedded into upholstery. The Roboclean is a good vacuum cleaning system for pet hair; also have a special design so it can suck up those tough pet hairs.

Anyone who has pets at home knows that finding the best vacuum for pet hair removal is important. It is essential for keeping the house free of pet hair, dirt, dust and allergens. Thin strands of pet hair can be trapped in carpets and cause a host of health problems, such as sneezing, coughing and other allergic reactions.

Pet hair can be a pain to remove. But using the right vacuum cleaner can really help you get rid of that stubborn pet hair. Just think of the peace of mind and comfort these cleaning devices can provide.

Not only can pet hair cause health problems but can also make the house look unsightly. To be completely sure that hair is removed from the house interior, you will need the right vacuum cleaner.

Because this is the Special Edition of the Roboclean Vacuum Cleaning System, it naturally features attachments designed specifically for home with pets. The Power Nozzle, Circular Brush, Mini Power Nozzle and hard Floor Brush are all created to meet the needs of pet parents, particularly those who have dogs and cats that shed a lot.

Comprehensive Set of Non-Pet-Related Attachments
Of course, this isn’t just a vacuum for pet owners; there are other attachments that are great for the whole house. Compared to other brands, the full attachment line up included with Roboclean vacuuming system is pretty impressive and features: Hard Floor and Wall Brush, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, Inflator Tool, Power Nozzle, Electric Hose, Wands and Coil Cleaner.

Pet Vacuum Filtration System
Pets shed not only hair, but also dander. Pet dander can have a very negative effect on indoor air quality. For people suffering from allergies, it can be particularly devastating to lung health. Even if you don't have allergies, the pet dander can aggravate other lung problems such as asthma or bronchitis. In any case, pet dander is unhygienic and homeowners will want to make sure it isn't getting into their carpets, furniture, or air.

A lot of people don't like to use vacuum cleaners with bags. The bags need to be regularly changed, which means an extra expense and inconvenience. It is possible to find pet vacuums that use canisters. However, if you want to keep your home free of dander and pet hair, it is best to opt for the Roboclean water based filtration cleaning system with HEPA filter.

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How to get allergy free home?

Roboclean Home Cleaning System for House Dust Mites and other allergens (Pet Allergens, Mould Spores) Free home!

Some allergens are just 0.5 microns in size

That’s approximately 200 times smaller in diameter than a human hair. Many start lives in the home – like dust mites and their faeces. Others, such as pollen, enter through open windows. When allergy sufferers inhale allergens or meet them, their immune system overreacts, producing antibodies to repel them. Sneezing, coughing or a runny nose – an allergic reaction.

As allergens and house dust mites are smaller than 0.5 microns even when HEPA filtering is used, it is very easy for allergens to exit from an ordinary vacuum's filter holes and mix with the air we breathe in. Ordinary vacuum cleaners (dust-bag, upright or cylinders) have a basic filtration system. When filters are new or washed, the filters are clean, and holes are open. In this case it will do a vacuuming job as well as blowing all the allergens through the filters, into the air. After a short time when the filters holes become blocked by very small dust particles, the vacuum cleaners are going to lose suction and no longer function as it's supposed to.

With Roboclean's powerful turbine motor and water-based filtration system you can clean all dust and dirt as well as other allergens by capturing them into the water basin and getting rid of all dust and dirt with the water. By combining its advanced separator technology and water-based filtration system that traps 99.997% (by weight) of all airborne particles 0.3 microns, powerful turbine motor and a HEPA filter, the Roboclean achieves what other cleaning machines cannot.

Dust Mites and other Allergens: Everything You Might Not Want to Know!
Pet allergens
Dust Mites

What to look for in an allergy home cleaning system?

The Roboclean utilizes water, which is the cleanest, cheapest and most pore-free filter system available to provide high suction power, uninterrupted cleaning and complete hygiene. As it pulls in all the dirt and dust from the environs, Roboclean traps it in the water and leaves you with a pleasant aura of clean, breathable air.

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For a Cleaner Home and Air, Healthier Life

Cleaner Air in your home by Nature’s Solution
The Nature uses water to cleanse itself of airborne particulates, allergens, dust, surface dirt and artificial contaminants. Roboclean washes the air and cleanses the environment in home which we live and breathe.

A Cleaner Home and Air, Healthier Life
It is only natural. It works great for outside, however what about inside your home?
The Roboclean Multifunctional Home Cleaning System cleans your home the most natural way possible, using the Power of Water Cleaning. Roboclean not only cleans your home, it creates a healthier and well-being living space in your home. Imagine yourself at home, breathing virtually dust-free air. Purchasing a Roboclean means a huge step in that direction – toward health and well-being.

Cleaning the air only a few minutes before going to sleep will provide you and your family with a long night fresh, clean air. With the help of the Roboclean it is very easy for yourself and your children to minimize the risk of allergy, asthma, eczema and other respiratory problems by reducing the amount of pollutants in the air in your home.

The world’s most advanced home cleaning system – The Roboclean
Meet the world’s most advanced home cleaning system, the Roboclean. Using one of nature’s most powerful elements, water, the Roboclean can give your home new life and is proven to be effective for treatments of Asthma.

After cleaning, the lightweight reservoir can be emptied and re-used for the life of the Roboclean. For treatments of Asthma and Allergy, The Roboclean is certified asthma & allergy friendly by the ZPMed and ECARF.

The Roboclean is certified as a proven Asthma and Allergy remedy air cleaner designed to reduce air pollutants that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

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Difference between The Roboclean and the Bagless - Bagged, cylinder, upright vacuum cleaners

World’s Advanced Technology
The most unique difference that sets Roboclean apart from vacuum cleaners with dust bags is that the Roboclean lets you wash the air in your home with water. Roboclean uses water, the separator technology and HEPA filtration technology, no dirty dust bags or expensive filters to replace. Its uninterrupted suction power and constant air flow enable you to clean water washed air will be emitted back into your home.

The Roboclean is synonymous with a healthy indoor environment, and prevents you and your loved ones from contracting respiratory illnesses.

Roboclean cleaning system has powerful nine stage motor technology and water-based filtration cleaning technology to keep all dirt, dust and allergens in the water. After you have finished cleaning all you have to do is pour the dirty water out. Roboclean premium cleaning system can capture particles down to 0.3 microns – including pollen, mould, dust mites and bacteria. With Roboclean the process is much easier and hygienic as all you have to do is empty the water basin with all the dirt without 

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